Life in Poppy

Poppy in the Snow

Poppy is an original and beautifully restored 1964 split-screen campervan with a fully reconditioned 1.6 litre engine, taking unleaded petrol as her tipple. She is a 4-berth camper with Dormobile raising roof and skylights to let in extra sunlight and add ventilation on those hot days. The seats in the back flatten to a rock ‘n’ roll double bed plus there are two hammock style beds in the roof. Poppy is a true British camper, born and bred in the UK and so is right-hand drive. She comes with 3 front seats and three rear ones. Two of the front and all of the rear seats are fitted with 3-point seatbelts safe for your precious cargo and an additional lap belt on the third front seat.


Life in a campervan means one thing… freedom. You are free to go where you like when you like, tied to nothing but your own decisions. Travel from beach to beach or follow the sun around the coast, the choice is yours. 


Poppy can reach a top speed of 60mph so you won’t be able to take it anything but slowly. Forget the estimated arrival time on the satnav and switch onto Poppy time. So, if you aim to head further afield give yourself enough time to get there at Poppy pace. As Poppy is a classic leisure vehicle you will need to drive her with this in mind. If your journey is longer than a couple of hours you will need to take regular breaks (about every hour and half) for her to rest up. Poppy has an air-cooled engine so if you are unlucky enough to get stuck in traffic on your adventure be mindful that she can overheat if air is not passing through the engine - take regular breaks to avoid overheating.


Take things slow, enjoy the journey and revel in all the attention that she attracts as you go on your way. Sound your horn at fellow VW owners and be prepared to chat to enthusiasts and fans alike as Poppy, although 50 years old, is a looker for her age and a head turner!